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HD-ECT-2000S Electronic Tensile Tester
HD-ECT-2000S Electronic Tensile Tester
Product Explain

    This machine is used to perform the test of resistance of pull, rupture rate, extension rate of materials used in many industrial fields, such as plastic industry, packing industry, footwear industry, ironware industry and the like.

* A precise displacement sensor and force sensor are used in this machine.
* With big digital screen can show you the maximum force and the change of force dynamically.
* Test speed can be adjusted.
* Four test results will be recorded even you have zeroed.
* The extension rate can be tested by manually or automatically.
* The clamps can be changed to test different materials.
* OPTION: a printer and a computer to control this machine.

Technical Parameter

Power source:AC 220v 50Hz
Biggest load:2000N
Force precision:+-1%
Biggest displacement:800mm
Test speed:0~600mm/min
Speed precision:+-1%
Driver:frequency conversion motor
Clamp:configured according to different industry fields
Safety:Upper&lower limit protect system
Exterior dimensions:450mm L,400mm W,1690mm H

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