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HD-RC-001 Rolling compression tester.
HD-RC-001 Rolling compression tester.
Product Explain
Main use to test DC wire resistant of seat caster compression, imitate the caster
Of office seat compress the wire repeatedly, so that to judge the ability of wire To resistant of compression.
Design standard: APPLE 080-1276-K
1. transmission: adjustable-speed motor + sprocket drive
2. speed regulation mode: 1 minute test times/2 (chain one cycle regard 2 times) * 508 (chain length) / 60 (1 minute)= speed/s;
3. protector: transparent shield;
4. testing times: preset counter;
5. Judgment mode: within set testing times, if core wires short circuit, short circuit lamp lights; if core wire and metal plate short circuit, leakage lamp light; if no short circuit occur within setting times, then qualified lamp light.
6 Base on standard of GB 5226.1-2008/IEC 60204-1:2005test withstand voltage, insulation resistance and grounded resistance.
Technical Parameter
1.Power supply:AC220V 50Hz 300W;
2.Metal plate size:30CM*60CM;
3.Metal plate move speed:200mm/s(constant speed:200mm/s, adjustable);
4.Compression weight:25KG;
5.Clamp width:250mm;
6. compression times:0~99999 adjustable;
7. compression roller requirement:office seat roller,360°rotatable;
8. qualified judgment:After compressed 1250 times, between core wires, core wires and metal plate, no short circuit is qualified.
9. dimensions(W*D*H):850*600*750mm
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