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HD-SC-4500B Dust test chamber
HD-SC-4500B Dust test chamber
Product Explain
HD-SC-4500B Dust test chamber is design and manufacture to meet the requirement of some standards such as IEC60529, IEC60598, EN60598, GB-4208, GB/T2423. Main use to test the dust protection performance of the product. The machine attractive appearance, reasonable layout, reliable performance and convenient maintenance, can test bigger product.
Technical Parameter
1 application standards: IEC60529IEC60598EN60598GB-4208GB/T2423
2 power supply: AC220V 10% 50Hz, 20A
3 use circumstance temperature: 0-40
4 use circumstance humidity: 60%
5 timer: time range AS-999H
6 differential pressure: 2000 PA,
7 flux: 50L/MIN
8 testing capacity (D*W*H): 1500*1500*1500
9 external size (D*W*H): 1800*1750*2320
10 screen netting:  Wire Range: 50um, net hole: 75um
11 powder requirement: 75um non-millstone powder (talcum powder or PE powder)
12 dust quantity: 2KG/M³
13 other requirement Keep away from violent impact and vibration and air corrosion.
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