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       HONGDU TESTING EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD established in 2000, we focuses on the provision of products and services to our clients through high quality and competitive price. We supply standard or customized solutions and products for many test, measurement and quality control tasks required in the world of cable, wire, socket, plug, switch, plastic and rubber testing. All of our products are complying with the requirements of many standards,such as UL,IEC,VDE,BIS,CSA and so on.R&D center established with East China University of Science and Technology in 2006 makes us could provide more professional products and after service.
       The key products from HONGDU range include Aging Oven, Cold Chamber,Constant Temperature and Humidity Tester,Glow Wire Apparatus,Flame Test Chamber,Tracking Flame Test Chamber,Spark Tester,Wire Useful Life Tester, Wire Abrasion Tester,Flexing Test Apparatus,Tumbling Barrel Apparatus,Temperature Rising Tester,Plug and Socket Tester,Load machine,Electronic Tensile Tester,Power Plug Integrated Tester and much more.
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